Talent deserves motivation

Turn into an admired leader who attracts talent. Discover Generation Y with all its strength, talent and innovative creativity. You will enjoy their loyalty when you communicate eye-to-eye, when you engage the young people and give them direction and guidance.

  • Seminars

    Learn from the experienced leader and expert how to lead Generation Y. Discover what it takes to integrate the young workforce successfully. You will gain loyal and highly motivated talent. Attend an open seminar or book Karina in-house.

  • Keynotes

    HIghly inspiring keynotes in dialogue with the audience. Karina's charisma captures and engages her listeners eager to apply the newly gained knowledge straight away. Ideal for leaders, managers and HR professionals.

  • Workshops

    Karina's workshops are interactive and you will be able to execute the acquired skills immediately. You will benefit from practical solutions for your daily challenges as a leader and HR manager. Highlight is a live chat with members of Generation Y.

  • Consulting

    Are you one of the 62% of top managers that sees opportunities to improve leadership? Inter-generational tensions, de-motivated workforce and out-dated processes can be transformed into team strength, motivation and innovation.

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Karina Albers

Karina is a consultant and mentor specialising in Generation Y and inter-generational communication. She is a very experienced leader who has lead international teams to success by transforming leadership strategies into talent pipelines with loyal and highly motivated young people.

  • experienced leader
  • spending many years in London, Lausanne and Brussels
  • vast experienced dealing with multi-cultural clients and teams

You can find us here

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  •  algeny@algeny.de
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    United Kingdom Earl's Court, London