Why your employees should keep their own scores

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I am delighted to welcome Toby Beresford’s guest contribution to the ever more important subject of performance reviews and balance score cards:


Why your employees should keep their own scores

There are now a number of online services that have sprung up to help us develop our own careers, among them LinkedIn and Xing. These platforms maintain our CV for us, and a network of past colleagues – all of whom are a potentially valuable network to find our next job or to take with us when we do find it.

However, there is one aspect of our career that has, to date, remained locked in each employers’ HR safe – the records of our on-the-job performance and skills development.

All this is now changing, particularly for the millennial generation who demand that performance results and a record of skills accomplished follows them from company to company.

To support this trend, a new, “informal, digital HR economy” is springing up that recognizes and stores our personal performance and skills, outside the enterprise.  full article

Toby Beresford CEO of rise.global, a new social network to create and share scores. He is also a leader within the gamification community in the UK.

Short film ‚Noah‘ shows part of the life of Gen Y

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If you have wondered what generation Y does on facebook all day the premiered short film NOAH may give you a brief idea.

CNET writes:

Short film ‚Noah‘ will make you think twice about Facebook

Would you watch a film that’s set entirely on someone’s computer screen? As in the person’s Skype, Facebook, iPhone, and Chatroulette conversations? It sounds unbearable, but „Noah“ is a Canadian short film that quickly pulls you into the multitasked, uberdistracted insanity that is modern relationships.

Part of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, the 17-minute portrayal of teenager Noah Lennox’s unraveling love life feels eerily familiar, as well as a sign of things to come. The video has garnered nearly 1 million views since it was posted to YouTube on September 9 and has recently been withdrawn from it.


Recruitingvideo-Workshops 2013 von JobTV24

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Ein heisser Veranstaltungstip für alle Recruiter und Talent Akquisition Manager

Welche Video-Inhalte kommen bei potenziellen Kandidaten gut an, was ist technisch möglich und wie lässt sich die nötige Reichweite erzielen? Mit kompakten Workshops bietet wir – Recruitingvideo-Spezialist JobTV24 – ab sofort HR-Verantwortlichen praktische Tipps für professionelles Recruiting mit Videos an.

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