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Lead generation Y to excellent results!

For leaders of all areas, HR Managers, Personell Officers, trainers, doctors and journalists.

What clients say:

„I do not feel as helpless as I did before in many situations with members of generation Y“ Kathleen Schönbock, HKA Clinic Hannover

„Very relevant to current matters, interesting design of the seminar made it fascinating and exciting, flexible agenda and great exchange also amongst all participants“ Olaf Hüsing

„Enthralling and eye-opening, lots of new insights and now I get it!“ Bettina Henzel, KRH Klinikum Region Hannover, Training Centre

Half, one or two day seminars – you have got the choice.

Seminar/Workshop style: short introductions that lead to activities like empathy map and SWOT analysis of generation Y, Leadership-situations etc. The participants get practical tools and an information pack.

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